Earned Media Alert

Why are you seeing this alert?

This release was posted by a PR agency seeking EARNED MEDIA.

Every day publications such as eTurboNews receive thousands of press releases from entities wanting to promote a destination, a hotel, an attraction, a cruise, an airline, an investment opportunity, and more.

PR agencies always get compensated to pitch such content to publications, such as eTurboNews.

PR agency and their clients try to free coverage for such content. If successful the agency is successful in the eyes of their client, but such compensation and success is not shared with the publication that covered the content – such as eTurboNews. Most PR agencies will not assist relate commercial opportunities by key publications, such as eTurboNews to their client

Once a publication publishes such content it means EARNED MEDIA for the PR Agency.
It means the agency earned, but the publication does not

eTurboNews from time to time covers such content based on newsworthyness.

eTurboNews is adding a seal for readers to understand this content is not researched by an eTurboNews editor and is based on an attempt by the entity names in the article to receive complimentary news coverage.

eTurboNews provides commercial and investigated coverage.
eTurboNews charges for commercial coverage, but if accepted will fact check, sometimes rewrite, and prominently post without the EARNED MEDIA alert.

Such coverage is also guaranteed and will help eTurboNews to continue providing free and independent coverage of important issues.

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