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Promotional press releases (earned media) are considered by approved partners and advertisers. With 2000+ media releases received daily, our assignment editors developed a priority system and earned media policy.

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google news bing newsyahoo news HindustantimesTTGTravel News AsiaTravel Impact Newswire – 2500 local, national, and international publications depending on syndication channels and content

Among all major travel industry publications, eTurboNews is number 1 with backlinks; all are 100% do-follow. We’re number 3 in linking to relevant story sources and 5 in overall news portal ranking. Considering 106 independent language sites under the eTurboNews domain, this ranking for some of our primary languages is likely higher.

  • eTurboNews is known for being timely, unique, and opinionated. It is among the top-rated travel and tourism news sources in searches and news aggregators such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go.
The Importance of Search Engines

More important than having an article appear in a publication*(pick up) is positioning it in the search world. Push notification e-newsletters create short-term visibility depending on the number of subscribers and their interest in your content. Still, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck Go will decide the success of your story.

Therefore, our key focus is to generate the best possible ranking for any article or press release on all major search engines. We research content, headlines, excerpts, keyphrases, and trigger words so our posts can compete with similar searches. This will ensure increased and prolonged openings and a long shelf life. Links in such articles will increase visibility for the person the article is focusing on. It’s why many of our posts can be easily found even years after publication.


For PR agencies, “earned media” means convincing publications to publish this content complimentary as “editorial news.” We see “earned media” as a for-profit partnership opportunity where everyone looks good and wins. We encourage PR agencies wanting to submit earned media to become trusted content partners. Click here to apply.

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  • Commercial postings are subject to editorial evaluation and adjustments and are accepted ONLY by approved partners, such as advertisers, WTN members, and trusted PR professionals.
  • Editorial assistance or production, keyword research, and indexing for the best placements on search engines and news aggregators such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and others are always included.
  • Included on eTurboNews and TravelWireNews are the placement of your story in our various e-newsletters and multiple independent language editions and news portals.
  • Included on eTurboNews: Extended social media postings. Prominent placement in our partner section, full-length story, and an option to place multiple photos, logos, and videos. Converted to an audio edition, posted as an independent podcast and YOUTUBE video—news aggregator push, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo News.
  • Multiple reproductions of your story are included with syndication orders to avoid duplicate content and multiply your exposure on search engines.

Only a limited number of guest posts are available for use by talented writers (bloggers) and published on our back pages. They don’t include front-page visibility, distribution, or enhancements reserved for regular editorial and commercial options. They cannot be written by AI, and follow our content policy. Guest posts should never compete without regular travel and tourism stories that align with our editorial goals or advertising options. One do follow link, and one feature photo is acceptable

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Guaranteed Broad Media Coverage intelligently:

With your assistance, we can syndicate stories to in-house partners and 2,500+ local, national, and international media outlets. Still, we will always ensure original coverage without destroying your reputation among publications, bloggers, and journalists.

eTurboNews partners with a mix of news aggregators with proven track records to get your release and content on thousands of news channels worldwide, focusing on travel and tourism. This includes online and print newspapers and magazines, with 190+ million combined average monthly visitors.

Media placement will include local news outlets that consumers read and trust, generating tons of local news clips you can share to excite and inspire your current and potential customers, vendors, employees, sales teams, and more.

Our syndication works smartly to avoid multiplication, especially in Google, where content could easily be labeled duplicate and irrelevant.

FIRST STEP: Our focus is on publications we own and control

Our first focus is positioning your story on eTurboNews and our publications (in-house syndication). Only once this is successful also in the search world, we go to step TWO

SECOND STEP: Shifting the focus to partner publications

We will create an alternate story with the same essential message and content and push it to relevant contract publications. Travel News Asia, Hindustan Times, selected TTG publications, and Business Travel are some of our partners. There will never be a duplication penalty, so your story is unique and prominent on all partner platforms, also for the search engines (Google)

THIRD STEP: Producing content for news aggregators and wire Services

Only after your story has been prominently positioned twice will we work on creating a third version to include selected mass aggregators with a proven track record, such as EIN, Business Wire, US News, and Cision, among others.
This will get your third independent version of your story on some of the most known name brands in media, such as AP, Yahoo Finance, NBC, and many more.
It will also generate the glossy reports companies such as EIN or PR Newswire are famous for.
We focus on helping you retain ownership of your story and avoid damaging your reputation with mass content that a serious journalist would never examine.

We work with the best in PR and media contacts established over the last 25 years to introduce your story to the most relevant publications for inclusion, interviews, and consideration. This is done by a team of experts in this field, not mass emailing or electronic pitches. The key here is not quantity but quality and your footprint in the public domain. This approach is a mix of consulting and outreach.

This option is only available for pre-screened clients and relevant news that could make an impact. It’s not for mass production but for quality exclusive news pitches.

Testimonial by a Minister of Tourism

If it wasn’t for eTurboNews, Seychelles Tourism would not be where it is today.

Dr. Alain St. Ange, former minister of Tourism Republic of Seychelles

We have fun with our “non promotional earned media” articles & love our clients

Juergen Steinmetz, CEO & Publisher TravelNewsGroup

Samples of well-performing (commercial) articles

The almost perfect Resort is a Hilton Hotel in Croatia!

A holiday in Croatia means to experience one of the most scenic coast lines in the world. A Hilton Resort & Spa there is close to perfect. Read it all…

eTN Hero: Cordelia Igel, team leader at Vox Restaurant, Grand Hyatt Hotel Berlin

Many of us traveling around the globe on business have travel stories to tell. I spend more than 100 fully-paid nights every year in Hyatt Hotels around the world. Doing this, you get to know a brand more closely. >>>read more>>

Saudia, Emirates, Etihad Airways flights to Jamaica – a Tourism Revolution?

A tourism revolution is in the making with new possible flights to Jamaica. Flights from Dubai to Montego Bay or Kingston on Emirates, from Abu Dhabi on Etihad, or flights from Jeddah or Riad to Jamaica on Saudia?

Such flights may be designed to connect from Jamaica to Bahamas, St. Lucia, St. Martin, Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago and other Caribbean holiday hot spots? Minister Bartlett from Jamaica and Ahmed Al Khateeb from Saudi Arabia are cooking something big. read it all

Saudi Arabia may be the trigger and trendsetter in building a better and sustainable tourism world. A 10-year-old girl knows.

…… This type of heart-warming experience is hospitality in its finest natural stage. Luckily, such experiences are not isolated to Cafe Bateel…..

read more

Interview with the Indonesian Minister of Tourism
Interview and article on eTurboNews about the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia.

Our unique way to get you coverage

There is no need to stay with a single high-priced press release service and an exclusive contract. The world of distribution is too big for that. We think in terms of inclusivity and top positioning but also of distribution footprints. Not one service will get you in front of everyone you need to reach—the smart way.

There is also no need to destroy your Google reputation and reputation among journalists with a “Dear All…” mass distribution approach.

We will do the work for you and your story—and position it widely—smartly using our unique non – invasive three-step approach.

An initial and detailed report with links to your published story will be provided within days of placement. If the expected cannot be achieved, we will rewrite and repeat until done.

IncludedBreaking News TravelTravelWire NewseTurboNews* eTurboNews +Inhouse Syndication eTurboNews +3 Step Syndication
single post$35.00$100.00$350.00*$450.00*$900.00*
12 postings (use within one year)$300.00$900.00$3,000.00*$4,000.00*$8,000.00*
Unlimited Monthly$400.00$1,000.00$4,000.00*$5,000.00*$9,000.00*
Unlimited Yearly$3,500.00$9,000.00$36,000.00*$45,000.00*$81,000.00*
* Press releases posted on eTurboNews include Forimmediaterelease Wire Services
Targeted SyndicationRate
1 post$5,000.00
12 posts$45,000.00
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Guest Posts – BloggerseTN Rate
1 post$100.00
12 posts$900.00
monthly unlimnited$1000.00

Advertisers enjoy priority when our assignment editors consider free editorial inclusion: Advertising options include Banners & text linksemail blasts publisher’s recommendations – and automatic exposure plans.

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