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With 2000+ media releases and story ideas received every day, there is no guarantee of publishing your press release, or consider.

Unique, timely, and important press releases, breaking news alerts, or news tips not competing with our commercial options may be considered for free inclusion on eTurboNews. A paywall may be added.

Earned media
Earned Media is NOT Free

If you were compensated as a PR professional to pitch your news to eTurboNews as “earned media”, we strongly suggest you use our commercial partner options instead (see below)
If we do find earned media content timely and newsworthy and publish it without compensation, an Earned Media Alert and Paywall may be added to your article to alert our readers this content was not fact-checked, and may be promotional.

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Commercial Options became smarter, more effective, and more affordable on eTurboNews

Don’t fall into the trap and send identical press releases to hundreds of publications. It may benefit shady wire services providing inflated coverage reports with negotiated non visible backroom coverage on brand names such as Yahoo Finance, AP, etc, but hurting your bottom line bringing down your Google ratings.

Partner News (trusted, and part of our commercial options)

  • Partner News on eTurboNews indicates our editors fact-checked and/or trusted your content.
  • Advertorial language is allowed.
  • Articles will not show the “earned media” alert.
  • Articles will not be open to all readers (no paywall).

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* Applies to eTurboNews only

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* unlimited yearly maximum of 1 post a day per publication. Different versions of the same posting among our various publications are allowed based on relevancy and content.

Please note:

  • One-time rates are for one publication per posting.
  • 12 posting rates can be mixed between all publications. One credit per post/ publication
  • Unlimited rates can be mixed between all publications, even if you use numerous for one story. They can be used for one full year from the start time.
  • Please follow our content policies

Guest Posts

  • Your guest post will be published in our guest post section on eTurboNews only.
  • Guest posts will not be included on our home pages e-newsletters, push notifications, or social media. There will be no audio files created for Guest Posts.
  • Guest posts will not be posted on social media.
  • Guest posts should be stories submitted by a professional guest writer following our content guidelines, and not competing with travel & tourism content we regularly publish.
  • Guest posts are not meant for wide publicity but for link-building and search engine positioning.
  • Guest posts should not compete with our other commercial options.