News Tip

eTurboNews & Syndication

With more than 2000 news pitches received daily, we may not be able to acknowledge every request for coverage, and we established the following important policies:

Important Policies:

  • Self-promoting content or press releases cannot be part of any free editorial consideration.
  • If you are an independent writer trying to raise your portfolio and have an editorial article that is not promoting, or linking – you’re welcome to contribute.
  • If your breaking news is critical and the timing is urgent, you may click here to contact us by phone, ZOOM,  Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Text, or email. Your safety always has priority!
  • While we appreciate cutting-edge articles on topics featuring new ideas, breaking news, and concepts, our readers wish to be educated, not sold.
  • Please follow our content guidelines.
  • Whenever possible check content for grammar and spelling.

Earned Media Policy

  • We understand “earned media.” Content submitted by PR agencies and newswires is almost always considered “earned media.”
  • We may include selected newsworthy “earned media” press releases. Such releases will be marked with our EARNED MEDIA logo alerting readers that a PR agency was compensated for this content.
  • Commercial postings do not show this alert, since both the PR agency and eTurboNews is on the earning side- which we find fair. Please click here for our commercial options.
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