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eTurboNews is the only global travel news you can read online, on email news, on RSS feeds, listen to as an audio or podcast, or watch on YOUTUBE.

Our independent state-of-the-art news portals are published in 102 languages and reach more than 2 million followers worldwide, including email updates as news is posted to 180,000 travel and tourism industry professionals and close to 7,000 journalists and bloggers. Social media and push notifications to 100,000 web users increase the expected visibility. All articles are posted to a wide network of social media.

TravelwireNews is meant for busy travel industry readers; its articles do not exceed 200 words. Once a day, a summary of all articles is emailed to 180,000 travel and tourism industry subscribers and posted to targeted social media.

Among all major travel industry publications, eTurboNews is number 1 with backlinks; all are 100% do-follow. We’re number 3 in linking to relevant story sources and 5 in overall news portal ranking. Considering 106 independent language sites under the eTurboNews domain, this ranking for some of our primary languages is likely higher.

  • eTurboNews is known for being timely, unique, and opinionated. It is among the top-rated travel and tourism news sources in searches and news aggregators such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Duck Duck Go.

For PR agencies, “earned media” means convincing publications to do free work. For us, “earned media” is a for-profit partnership opportunity where everyone looks good and wins.

We offer five options.

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  4. If your earned media story was approved by our assignment editor, please scroll down and utilize our commercial posting options for guaranteed and immediate coverage.
  5. For all other earned media requests, kindly consider our commercial options below.

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Full-Service Plans

  • Visibility:
    – includes full editorial and SEO support
    – 100+ language editions
    – 4-newsletter inclusion, lead story for feature stories.
    – extensive social media support
    – push notification
    – Audio, editions podcast, and YOUTUBE Video conversion
    – Extensive social media inclusion
    – Enhance SEO research for key phrases and trigger words.

eTurboNews.comFull Press releaseFeature Story
single$ 300.00*$600.00*
12 postings (use within one year)$2,700.00*$5,400.00*
Unlimited (monthly)$2,700.00*$5,400.00*
Unlimited: (yearly)$27,000.00*$54,000.00*
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TravelWireNewsSummary Press release
(up to 200 words)
12 postings (use within one year)$750.00
Unlimited: (Monthly)$750.00
Unlimited: (Yearly)$7,500.00
SPECIAL $50.00 self-posting rates are to be paid on a credit card when submitting. Please click here
travelwirenews.comeTurboNews.comTravel News Group Syndication
TravelWire News

Press release summaries in 100-200 words. Ideal for the busy reader. This emerging site has a lower ranking than eTurboNews.

Included on RSS feeds and breaking news e-mail alerts.

Submitted to major search engines. Expect indexing within 24 hours. Some postings may be picked up by Google News.
Submitted to targeted social media channels.

Translated and posted on 100+ independent and searchable language news portals.

Potential to reach 200,000 readers.
FLAGSHIP Publication:

Full press releases and editorial stories, breaking news developments, interviews, videos, and looking behind the headlines.

Known for a unique writing style that is meant to raise attention.

Immediate search engine index, prominent positioning on regular searches, and news aggregator inclusion, such as Google or Bing News.

Translated and posted on 100+ independent and searchable language news portals.

Push notifications, audio, and video conversion, and extended social media and chat group inclusions.

Potential to reach 2+ million readers, including 200,000 travel industry professionals, and 7000 bloggers or journalists,
Syndication PartnersPer publication
Unlimited: (Monthly, post one or more depending on content)$900.00
Unlimited: (Monthly, post one or more depending content)$900.00
Unlimited: (Monthly, post one or more depending on content)$9,000.00
GUEST POSTS:Backpage only
no editorial or SEO assistancepost only, no social media, newsletter inclusion, Audio
12 postings (use within 1 year)$900.00
INCENTIVE: 1 free for every 6 single postings paid

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  • 40+ search engines
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  • Discussion in chat groups reaching 25,000+ engaged subscribers
  • Potential to reach 2+ million travelers, including 180,000 travel trade + 7000 bloggers/ journalists

$ 750.00
* buy 12 credits to be used within one year: $6,750.00

eTurboNews assignment editors evaluate every news tip and press release received. We never consider content that is advertising or is meant to promote a business or destination on a complimentary basis unless it has commercial support from a current advertiser. Click here to submit your release or news tip.

eTurboNews | eTN readers are encouraged to send original MP4 short news or regular videos to be posted on our Short News section and all our news portals, video, and breaking news channels.

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