Invitation Only

eTurboNews in cooperation with the BreakingNews Show and Livestream wants you to share your story with our readers, listeners, and viewers around the world.

Even though we invited you, all interviews and panel discussions are subject to approval, and editorial review.

There is no cost!

Of course, we will include your name and you may mention your brand name in the interview, but no promotional verbiage or links are allowed for our interviews, our subtitles, panel discussions, news articles resulting from the interview, and social media posts.

Promote your brand

If you also intend to promote your brand within the editorial part of your interview or discussion, there is a minimum sponsorship requested. With an acceptable sponsorship payment, the following options apply.

  • Prominently naming your brand during the interview.
  • Include contact information during the interview.
  • Links and website names on subtitles are shown on the video and Livestream.
  • Links included in upcoming news articles resulting from the interview or panel discussion on,, and other syndication within the eTN family of publications.
  • Brand names and links are included on social media posts.
  • Brand names and links are included in push notifications.
  • Brand names and links are included in articles circulated by eTN email newsletters.
  • Brand names and links are included in pre-event promotions.

If your goal is to promote your brand, we also offer commercial options.

Breaking News Show

Breaking News Show Interview

If this is a breaking news story, timing is important, since we publish 24/7.

Live 1-hour panel discussion

We will organize and widely promote a one-hour live / panel event to present your story.

Live events have an invited audience and a Q&A.

They need at least a week to prepare.