Destination Partner Plans 2024

  • If you are a hotel, resort, airline, cruise line, attraction, DMC, shop, or restaurant in a Partner Destination, you now can add your entity name and links to the new destination coverage we provide for your Ministry of Tourism or tourism board.
    It gives you access to our extensive eTurboNews, TravelNewsGroup network
  • We offer basic and comprehensive exposure plans for stakeholders in partner destinations for sharply reduced rates.
    We can do all the work automatically (content, writing, publishing), or you can provide the details.
  • If you are a tourism board, or ministry of tourism and like to become a partner destination, please subscribe to any of our unlimited yearly posting options on to add your destination to this list, allowing also your stakeholders to take advantage of this partnership.
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Bahamas
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Barbados
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei
  • Canada: Ontario & Winnipeg
  • Cayman Islands
  • Croatia
  • Egypt
  • Eswatini
  • Fiji
  • Gambia
  • Germany: Baden-Baden, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg
  • Guam
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia: Jakarta
  • Israel
  • Italy: Rome
  • Jamaica
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Martinique
  • Mauritius
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • Nepal
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Reunion
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Seychelles
  • South Africa: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Western Capes
  • St.Lucia
  • Thailand: Chiang Mai
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • UAE: Abu Dhabi
  • Uganda
  • USA: Southern California (CA) , Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Hawaii,
  • UK: Scotland
  • Reach:
  • Languages:
  • Included on e-newsletters, push notifications, websites, news portals, podcasts, video channels such as YouTube, social media, chat groups, news aggregators such as Google News and Bing News, and a wide network of affiliated publications (syndication)
  • You can be a major part of this effort already paid for by your tourism board and add your entity for a fraction of the cost it would take for you to start an outreach campaign independently.

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