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Travel Week Features in the planning:

  • Regional Travel Weeks: Caribbean, Indian Ocean, South Pacific, Himalayas, Latin America
  • Country Travel Weeks: Germany, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Jamaica
  • City Travel Weeks: London, New York, Bangkok, Cape Town, Rio, Sydney, Duesseldorf
  • Action Travel Weeks: Investments, Beach Vacation, Luxury, Spa, Medical, Hiking


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  • Background image to take over the theme of our website for one week: $3000.00

In the making

Destination Editions: Caribbean, Jamaica, Seychelles, Germany, Duesseldorf, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangkok, New York, Hawaii, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Istanbul, Saudi Arabia, Dubai Philippines, Brazil, Bahamas – contact us to add your destination.

Special interest editions: Medical Tourism, Safaris, Ageless Tourism (60+), Party tourism, Gambling, Wine Tourism, Travel for Food – contact us to add your niche..

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