Video, Podcast : Executive Interview

  • Consultation & Content Development
  • Full production included
  • 30-60 minute video production for an executive interview or panel discussion. Zoom is our usual platform.
  • Integrate your own video footage
  • Promoted Livestream event
  • YOUTUBE, VIMEO inclusion
  • Option to invite guests or/and let us invite guests for a Q&A on your show
  • Live broadcast and back-to-back repeat after the live session for 24 hours.
  • Additional repeats are available for an additional rate.

A premium prime story article will be produced after the video Livestream.

  • Posted on appropriate news categories and on the homepage
  • Included on e-newsletters
  • We alert our web-viewers using our state-of-the-art push notification system
  • Included on our enhanced social media network
  • Brand promotions ok
  • Submitted to news aggregators including breaking news apps
  • Searchable on all major search engines
  • Submitted to Google News, Google Video News
  • Converted into an audio file so readers can listen to the story.
  • Converted into a Podcast and posted to many podcast channels, including Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Soundcloud. among others.
  • Submitted to Podcast and Video search and news searches.
  • Submitted to Google News Video Search
  • Include multiple photos, logos, videos, and links in the article and/or to show in your video
  • Syndication included
Podcast posting and conversion included
  • Turn your story also into a press release separately posted to the For immediate Release wire service.
  • Native Content integration
  • Full editorial support included
  • Keyword Research for maximum impact
  • Distribution strategy by time zones, repeat options, and more

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$ 2.500.00 per story/ video event*
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