For approved Wire News Services:

Press releases or stories posted by a professional news-wire service

  • Your news-worthy press releases will be posted on the eTurboNews Wire News back pages, not visible on the front page.
  • Guests’ posts are ok for wire news services postings
  • No editorial or SEO assistance is included.
  • Submitted to search engines
  • Submitted to Google News, Bing News, and other news aggregators
  • No photos/ feature images allowed
  • A link may be added when posting on the eTurboNews Wire News back page.
  • A Paywall may be added, so readers need to be subscribed to our premium services or pay to read the full content of your post.
  • Not included on the eTurboNews Home Page
  • Included on the journalist alert if posted
  • Not included in push notifications.
  • Not included in the eTurboNews newsletters.
  • Not included on social media.
  • Audio/ Video (YouTube) version not included
Max 500 postings a month eTurboNews
  • Monthly wire plan $2,500.00
  • Yearly wire plan $25,000.00


  • Monthly wire plan $1,500.00
  • Yearly wire plan $15,000.00
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